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HLPOA Board Member's Column - March, 2019

Editor's note: be sure to keep track of Joe's weather data on our What's Happening page. This winter is far better than last year and will hopefully be better than 2017!

Last year, about this time, I wrote to you about the mild winter we experienced here in Hidden Lake in 2018. Well, what a surprise this winter where we were pretty much caught with our long underwear still in the drawer!

This year so far, the snowfall has been incredible, with several feet of snow piled up along the roads. We are having trouble finding where to put it all. However, our Caretaker, Casey has and continues to make sure all the roads are passable and this year, that has been a huge undertaking.

Not only are we experiencing a lot of snow, it comes with significant wind, including gusts up to 50+ mph resulting a lots of drifting.

So now we are moving into Spring. This has been particularly interesting. During the past week, we have been pretty much "house bound," with not only snow and wind, but thunder, lightning, rain and lots of mud.

You gotta love it, knowing that this weather will most likely provide the area with significant run off when Spring actually gets here. Speaking of the lake, the Board will be stocking our usual rainbow trout as soon as the lake thaws, probably in early April. And, the Board is also researching other types of trout, i.e., brown or cut throat.

So, get ready for some fun time this spring and summer in Hidden Lake!

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