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Dear HLPOA Members, I wanted to let you know that at our last meeting the Board approved stocking our lake with a small stocking of rainbow trout. Approximately 1500 catchable trout up to 12’ long were added to the lake late this past week. These fish are being added to the resident fish that overwintered and should give us a nice population of trout to fish for over the summer. I decided to test this theory. It is still cold up here at Hidden Lake (for a Texan, anyway) but I decided to give it a try. First, the lake looks very nice right now with almost crystal-clear water. Very little vegetation has started growing yet. I fished for about two hours from my boat and the fishing was quite good. I ended up with 15 fish, all caught and released. Four of the 15 were ~12” and clearly from the recent stocking. However, all of the other fish caught were much bigger (17-19”). These fish must have overwintered and looked very healthy and fat (see attached photos). About the only problem I kept running into was that the eyelets of my rod kept icing over! At any rate, for those of you who are fishermen or fisherwomen, consider this notice that fishing season at HL has begun! John Adamick HLPOA President

big rainbow trout
big rainbow trout
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