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Board Member's Column - March, 2018

Winter is waning! Unfortunately for us, the winter has been so quiet and the snow is pretty much non-existent. Our snow shovel and the grader were not much use. We do have a couple of springs that ran throughout the winter (now that's interesting). They caused some havoc because they ran during the day and froze over night, causing what you might call "ice bergs" in a couple of places on the road. Thank you to Casey, our Caretaker, these problems were kept under control.

So, while winter is easing it's way out of here, we are seeing signs of Spring! Gary Matthews woke a bobcat up this morning just past Colonel Stehling's house. We are seeing a lot of turkey, deer and the elk are moving back up into the trees and the prairie dogs and chipmunks are waking up.

My walking partner Lulu and I also came across a skunk the other day on the road. Even though we outnumbered the skunk, he had the upper hand. Lucky for us, he didn't wait around or chase us (too much) but sauntered off into a culvert.

We are looking forward to warmer weather and I hope that many of you can come on up and enjoy your property. For all you fishing people, we will be stocking the lake with about 1500 10-12” rainbow trout. This will happen as soon as the lake thaws out enough for the fish delivery truck to get to the lake bank, most likely April.

Lastly, when (not "if") you do get a chance to come on up, remember that we expect a really dry summer. Help us keep our community safe and Firewise!

Janet Matthews HLPOA Secretary

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